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Maine Oyster Farm
Oysters are as unique as their aquatic neighborhoods. Subtle differences in surrounding waters and substrates create a distinctive taste and texture profile that reflects the “merroir” of the oyster’s home.
Maine oysters endure somewhat chilly water temperatures for much of the year. As a result, they grow slowly, producing thick, strong shells with comparatively large, crisp meats.
Maine Oyster Farm
Maine Oyster Farm
The Damariscotta River is a clean, cold, 15 mile funnel of currents and tides, passing through granite channels, ledges, and narrows.  Abundant mixing of fresh and salt water circulates nutrients, producing algal blooms and creating perfect oyster growing conditions. It is in this highly regarded location that our oysters thrive and grow.

- Harvested, chilled, and shipped live from March to January (or longer, weather willing)
- Contain no artificial or chemical feeds or additives
- Ecologically beneficial, sustainable, nutritious, and delicious!

Maine Oyster Farm

Dodge Cove Pemaquid Oysters

Celebrated for their pristine flavor and hearty shells, our Pemaquid Oysters are one of the Northeast’s most recognized oyster varieties. Responsibly grown by Dodge Cove Marine Farm, the oldest working oyster farm in Maine.
Shell — Deeply cupped, rock-hard, brown-and-white dappled.
Shuckability — The perfect shuck. Tight, straight, sturdy hinge. The shell pops open easily and cleanly. No breakage. No grit.
Meat — Plump, full, and firm.
Taste — A deliciously light, citrus flavor, with restrained brine, and a sweet, clean finish. Savor the magical waters of Maine.

...the oldest working oyster farm in Maine.

Maine Oyster Farm
Maine Oyster Farm - Pemaquid Oyster

Muscongus Bay Wawenauk Oysters

Maine Oyster Farm - Wawenauk Oyster
Maine Oyster Farm
Our premium Wawenauk oysters are raised in the most fertile section of the Damariscotta River. All of our oysters are bottom-planted in the sandy river bed to develop their famous thick shells, deep cups, and dense texture.
Shell — Uniform in size and shape, with hard shells and deep, full cups "...will both retain the Gulf of Maine liquor as well as stand up to the heat of an oven or open flame.”
Shuckability —  Consistent, clean shucking.
Meat — The meats are extremely plump and firm, with a high salinity and sweet finish.
Taste — Full-flavored, bright, and surprisingly salty for the brackish water in which they are grown. Lemony, sweet finish.
Maine Oyster Farm