Tonie ‘The Enigma’ Simmons  Owner/President

Karl (Hatchery Manager)

Secretive and furtive, she can be found in the hatchery at odd hours of the night, most often grading furiously while singing The Divinyls.
Thoroughly enjoys a practical joke, and hates sugary foods first thing in the morning, but will often indulge.
‘The Big German’ – another surprisingly difficult one to find on hatchery premises. You can chase him in circles for half an hour before catching up with him down in the bowels of the basement, with a sieve full of oyster larvae in one hand and a granola bar in the other.
Hates icy roads.
Loves hiding from people.

Jean (General Manager)

Cindy (Shipping Logistics Coordinator)

Here there and everywhere, and butt dialing you along the way. Flupsy Queen and inventor extraordinaire, she is kept busy maintaining all of our facilities in tip-top working order. Often accompanied by her shadow Mica the Irish Wolf Hound.
Hates driving slowly.
Loves fine wines and great food.
Our go-to gal. She keeps our farm product moving out, and everyone happy along the way with her delicious baked treats and happy demeanor.
Hates the creepy crawlies that inhabit seed bags.
Loves beach rides with her horses.

Nellie (Operations Director)

Eric (Farm Manager)

The Foreigner’. No one can understand her immaculate English accent, so it was decided to move her out of the hatchery and onto manning the phones.
Hates going more than two hours without food.
Loves spending time with her kiddos.
Has an amazing ability to be in multiple places at one time….particularly when donuts are available but there’s work to be done.
Hates missing meals…or snacks…or food of any sort, and losing at the annual game of ‘extreme croquet’.
Loves every day out on the river.



Give him a construction challenge, preferably with electricity involved, and he’s happy.
Hates being interrupted though.
Loves his little girl Poco.
Mr. Safety. Helps Jean keep the facilities running smoothly, while keeping an eye out for DANGER!

Hates working in cramped spaces

Loves oysters and beer



The Machine. No one can cull cleaner or quicker. She keeps the tempo up for the rest of us while still finding time for a Twinkie break.
Hates fresh fruits and veggies.
Loves garage sales in the summer.
He keeps the dredge full and the Farm crew busy. No time for idle hands when Don’s on the boat.
Hates coming back to the float to see the crew have caught up with his dragging.
Loves sharing the bounties of his veggie garden.



A girl of many skills. She knocks out every task thrown at her, and with a smile to boot.
Hates spiders and being hungry

Loves Christmas music and her cat
Though often heard arguing with Diane over the finer points of oyster harvesting, it’s hard to know when to take him seriously. The answer, however, is never.
Loves to fabricate absurd and inane jobs just to see who’ll actually do them.
Hates it when no one falls for it.



Our quietly mischievous counter and inventory keeper.
Hates motels.

Loves life on the water.
Bold, determined, and slightly unpredictable.
Hates ​chocolate (!!)

Loves Boothbay Harbor, skiing, and peanut butter crackers




The Comedian. Doesn't waste words, and never complains.
Hates driving and most other automobile-related matters.
Loves cold white wine on hot summer days.
The Cultured Oyster Cultivator. She can do a mean moonwalk and 'sprinkler'.
Hates the gaps between the rafts.
Loves pinning seed bags, full or empty.



Friendly and impossible to ruffle….though we try!
Hates having to put his motorbike away for the winter.
Loves getting out on the golf course as much as possible.
He’s been spending his summers with us since he was in high school. Summer is truly here when Geno is out on the River.